Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has become a world class, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the research and demonstration of innovative manufacturing processes, and Waterman has been responsible for creating a high quality, low risk environment.


Project Details
  • Client

    Manufacturing Technology Centre

  • Architect

    Fairhurst Design Group

Transforming the historic Ansty Airfield into an environment for global manufacturing companies to develop and operate advanced manufacturing equipment gave Waterman an opportunity to express their commitment to the latest construction techniques.

Big business, big ideas
As an advanced research and development centre, the MTC’s equipment and engineers would be utilised by a range of companies, from small firms to industry-leading global manufacturers. Waterman had to develop, design and detail a primary structure that could incorporate all of the facilities required to cater for such a range of clients, including large machine tools, electronics fabrication units, a Cartesian Deployment System and Close Control Cells. By being able to provide all of these services under a single roof, Waterman has enabled the MTC to provide the latest bespoke manufacturing system solutions for clients.

In designing the MTC, Waterman has built a structure that has been recognised for its capacity for research and development; it is now part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC), supported by Innovate UK to boost the manufacturing sector in the UK. Waterman has enabled this by creating a unique space for manufacturers with all necessary facilities in one location.

Continued development
From its new base, the MTC has grown in membership. In order to keep up with growing demand for advanced manufacturing solutions, the MTC has had to expand to accommodate an Aerospace Research Centre and the Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre. Waterman has been involved in both of these new developments, producing Revit models for enhancements and alterations to explore the feasibility of proposed structural solutions.