Helping the public sector to deliver efficient services

The range of services that come under the umbrella term ‘public sector’ is considerable. Each service – whether prisons, parks, waste and environmental management, roads or public safety – has its own challenges when it comes to planning, designing and developing workable systems.

The government and defence sectors not only have to meet demands for services but have to do so within affordable budgets that can withstand careful scrutiny. It is vital, therefore, that such services are not only efficient and effective but also worth the money.

Proven track record
Here at Waterman, we have worked closely with various clients in the public sector, including local authorities, the Highways Agency and Regional Development Agencies. Within each project, we have worked in partnership with those public or governmental agencies to provide value for money services to local communities. Our trusted teams have formed strong working partnerships with our clients, using effective communication to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable
We work in teams of engineers and scientists to provide full assessments andfeasibility studies before using the results of those to design and develop thought-out, fully-costed plans. Our environmental, civil, building, structural and transportation consultants work together to create a whole picture, exploring all angles so that both present and future needs can be anticipated and met.

Creating sustainable public sector buildings
Growing populations and increasing awareness of environmental issues, coupled with limited financial and natural resources, mean that it is imperative that both present and future infrastructure is taken into consideration. In this way, we can help our public sector clients to create and deliver their services in a way that will stand up to public scrutiny. We work closely with government and defence agencies to carefully consider every aspect.

Related Projects

  • Baldoyle Library Extension

    Baldoyle Library is located in a two-storey turn-of-the-century building fronting Strand Road that was originally constructed as a Royal Irish Constabulary barracks.

  • Dublin Civic Offices & City Wall Restoration 22 May 2017

    We acted as civil and structural engineers on the restoration of the Civic Offices basement.

  • Sean Treacy House

    This award-winning 54-unit social housing scheme in the heart of Dublin includes a mix of apartments and townhouses over a single level basement.

  • Goggs East

    Waterman provided multidisciplinary services for the modernisation of the Government Offices Great George Street (GOGGS).

  • London Borough of Bexley Framework

    Waterman has held four successive Term Commissions with London Borough of Bexley since 1996, delivering specialist engineering consultancy services and seconded staff.

  • Midlands Highways Alliance Professional Services

    Waterman has delivered highways services to the award winning Midlands Highways Alliance (MHA) since 2007.

  • UK Supreme Court

    The UK Supreme Court is  a Grade 2* listed building, the refurbishment aimed to provide three new courtrooms, as well as a triple height library.

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