Business Case

We recognise that it is absolutely essential to establish a sound ‘business case’ for any transport related intervention if it is to secure the necessary funding to proceed. However, the requirements for scheme business cases or appraisals are changing rapidly, with a wider range of potential social, environmental and economic costs and benefits being brought into scope. The way in which all potential costs and benefits of schemes are evaluated is also changing.

Waterman staff have a strong understanding of the rationale behind investment decisions, economic appraisal and preparing the business cases for schemes and are fully abreast of the latest guidance and evaluation techniques. In-line with the latest guidance, we take a holistic approach to economic appraisal of schemes that is aimed at fully capturing their wider benefits and costs and appropriately balancing quantitative and qualitative outputs to inform scheme promotors and assist decision makers.

We have the necessary in-house expertise to prepare demand and revenue forecasts, estimate scheme capital costs, undertake traffic modelling, carry out environmental assessments and prepare financial net-present value models for schemes. This includes the application of industry standard software such as COBA, QUADRO and TUBA where appropriate.