CEEQUAL Assessments

CEEQUAL is the assessment and awards scheme for improving sustainability in civil engineering and the public realm. It aims to deliver improved project specification, design and construction and to demonstrate the commitment of the civil engineering industry to environmental quality and social performance.

Increasingly clients are choosing to demonstrate and improve their commitment to sustainability using CEEQUAL. The CEEQUAL process enables projects to demonstrate the measures that have been taken to ensure the project is following environmental best practice beyond legal compliance and enables sustainability issues to be considered early in the project, maximising the potential to address more issues effectively.

The following 12 key social and environmental areas are considered under the scheme:

  • Project Management
  • Land Use
  • Landscape
  • Ecology & Biodiversity
  • The Historic Environment
  • Water resources and the Water Environment
  • Energy and Carbon
  • Material Use
  • Waste Management
  • Transport
  • Effects on Neighbours
  • Relations with the Local Community and other Stakeholders

Our Assessors have a diverse range of experience, calculating and capturing the scores as the project progresses, in addition to providing guidance on maximising the final award achievable.