Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is about building organisational resilience by delivering long-term social and economic value whilst working within environmental limits. Our corporate sustainability service is about opening doors for our clients – identifying new markets, reducing risk, whilst minimising or ideally preventing any environmental and social harm.

The context for this has changed – this is not just about the impact that an organisation has on people and the environment but also on the external pressures faced by businesses from issues such as; resource constraints, climate change, supply chain issues, public perception and pressure from the regulatory and policy landscape. At Waterman we strive to have a positive influence through the business we do and want to pass this onto our clients.  We have experts able to cover issues including; energy, carbon, waste, water, procurement, supply chains, community based issues, learning and development, sustainable investment consulting (ESG), communication and reporting.

Corporate sustainability services include:

Sustainability assessment, policy and strategy

  • Scoping organisational approach to sustainability issues and strategy development including risk and opportunity analysis
  • Planning support for ISO14001 environmental management systems including new version for 2015
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Managing compliance obligations
  • Communication

Sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement

  • Reporting principles under AA1000 and GRI frameworks
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources and employee welfare support

Carbon and energy management

  • ISO50001 energy management systems
  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) support
  • Carbon footprinting and reporting
  • Carbon management plans and reduction strategies
  • Product life cycle carbon assessment

Learning and development

  • Approved IEMA training provider
  • Bespoke sustainability training
  • Learning and development strategies