Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are required to be displayed in public buildings in a place accessible to the public, such as a reception area, to help the public understand how energy efficient a particular building is.

There are financial penalties for failing to comply with these requirements. All buildings over 1,000m2 occupied by either a public authority or an institution, which provides a public service, require a Display Energy Certificate. Typical buildings affected are schools, leisure facilities, museums, hospitals etc.

DECs show the energy performance of a building based on actual energy usage and must be accompanied by an Advisory Report, detailing where improvements could be made. The Advisory Report is valid for a period of 7 years, although the certificate must be renewed annually. We have a team of accredited DEC assessors with the ability and experience to assess and report on individual buildings and to manage larger portfolios. Our assessors will benchmark your building against published standards and produce a report on measures that could improve its energy efficiency. As part of our service, we will lodge your certificate with the central government register and issue you with hard copies of both the DEC and Advisory Report.

The requirement for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) has come about through the implementation of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. EPCs are now a legal requirement for commercial buildings on completion of construction or refurbishment works, or at the time of sale, lease or re-lease.

At Waterman, our team of accredited energy assessors can review your property in terms of the energy efficiency of its fabric and installed systems. We provide a tiered level of service that ranges from meeting minimum legal requirements to comprehensive energy assessment, to determine practical actions which will improve the performance of an individual building or a client’s entire portfolio of properties to deliver reduced running costs or more attractive rental income. EPCs must be renewed every 10 years, or whenever a building has been modified and there are fines for non-compliance. We can also help you understand what types of refurbishment will trigger the need for an updated EPC.

Accreditation number: STRO002767