Environmental Management Plans (EMP)

As a mechanism to satisfy planning conditions or legal obligations, or to help enhance public image, developers are increasingly realising the benefits of EMPs in managing and minimising construction environmental impacts such as noise, dust and traffic.

EMPs can also represent a natural transition from Environmental Impact Assessment mitigation into post planning implementation stage, helping avoid costly project delays and abatement actions.

The EMP can be tailored to fit any project size and complexity, and clients benefit from our in-house monitoring capabilities (e.g., dust, noise, vibration etc) to ensure ongoing compliance.

EMP Related Services:

  • Identifying site opportunities, constraints and potential sensitive receptors to the works
  • Undertaking background surveys on noise, vibration, dust, asbestos, hazardous materials and soil and groundwater contamination to provide a baseline reference
  • Producing environmental specifications for demolition and main construction packages, e.g. piling
  • Reviewing tender returns and interviewing contractors
  • Producing bespoke EMP’s in liaison with the local authorities
  • Undertaking regular compliance site audits during the works, including review of contractor documentation
  • Undertaking compliance monitoring (noise, vibration, dust, groundwater, chemical testing) during the works
  • Developing Site Waste Management Plans, as required under the Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008
  • Regular liaison with the local authorities, contractors, project team and neighbours
  • Assist with attaining compliance with local considerate construction schemes and achieving relevant BREEAM credits