Ground Water Modelling

We provide groundwater modelling services to an array of private & public sector clients across the United Kingdom.

Our services include assessment of the risk of contamination to controlled waters, assessment of the impact of underground development (basements, utilities etc.) and assessment of the impact of groundwater abstractions/dewatering/recharge (boreholes, quarries, deep excavations etc.) on the local environment.

Our groundwater modelling studies are usually used to support groundwater dewatering/abstraction license applications, environmental impact assessments & planning applications. The scale of groundwater modelling studies we have undertaken range from large catchment wide strategic assessments to small development detailed site specific assessments. We utilise the latest groundwater modelling software (R&D P20, ConSim, MODFLOW & the Groundwater Vistas Suite) and make sure that the appropriate software for the level of study being undertaken is used, which can range from simple 1D models to complex 3D finite-difference models.