Hydrological Studies

Hydrology is the study of the amount and quality of water being stored or conveyed on the land surface, and in soils and rocks near the surface.

The hydrological response of a catchment is controlled by a combination of climate, vegetation, drainage, soils and land use.

Our dedicated hydrologists and engineers have experience in providing detailed hydrological assessments which are carried out as part of our flood risk and drainage assessments. These use a combination of topographical information, site investigations, hydrological data, flow surveys, rainfall data, geological information and other historic data to determine the extent of catchment areas contributing runoff, and the flows in watercourses and drainage systems.

The key in-house Hydrological Studies we can provide include;

  • Catchment Analysis
  • Catchment Flows
  • Rainfall Analysis
  • Hydrogeology
  • Overland flow/Runoff Assessment
  • Watercourse Hydraulics
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Drainage Impact Assessment