Low Flows

Low flows estimation is vital in assessing and managing water resources. Low flows describe the flow conditions in a river that could reasonably be expected in any given year.

Details of low flow conditions are often essential for consents to discharge, for environmental impact assessments, for abstraction and other water resource management purposes.

Throughout the UK, there is little or no long term flow measurement in the majority of watercourses, requiring the need for estimation in ungauged catchments. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, along with industry standard software, Waterman can evaluate low flow conditions in ungauged catchments providing the data necessary for a multitude of applications.

Waterman can offer low flow services, from deriving key flows such as Q95, to developing flow duration curves and subsequent analysis for specific industry uses such as hydropower development.

Our team is also capable of continuous flow monitoring where real flow data is required, please refer to flow monitoring.