Renewable Energy

In today’s world, we all understand how important it is to consider clean and renewable energy technologies whether upgrading an existing building, undertaking small-scale development or drawing up a city-wide master plan for a whole new scheme.

Waterman have a team of specialists who can help you select the technology which is appropriate to you. We understand all of the commercial and emerging renewable technologies, including:

• Solar energy systems
• Heat Pumps
• Wind energy
• Hydro-electricity
• Biomass
• Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
• Fuel Cells

From first concept to site realisation, we start by understanding your aims and objectives. We can model your energy demand and conduct feasibility assessments to establish the best technologies for that application.

We can provide advice on the design, sizing and installation and can also provide costed implementation plans and emissions savings predictions.

Our Delivery Capability

Policy Advice
At a strategic level, we work with local authorities, project teams and public or corporate organisations to create sustainable visions and strategies, using our knowledge of relevant policies, regulatory requirements and technical standards.  These embrace renewable technologies where appropriate, and will always look to reduce carbon emissions and running costs.
We also assist local authorities develop new policies and guidance to deliver sustainable and low carbon development in their region.

Experts in low carbon technologies can advise developers and architects on a range of technical and planning issues.  As you would expect from a multi-disciplinary company, we can offer a discrete service, or the full range of services needed for successful implementation of any renewable energy systems. This includes:

• Benchmarking energy requirements for system sizing
• Site suitability
• System Appraisal
• Emissions Calculations
• Environment Impact Assessments
• Permit Applications and regulatory advice

Waterman has particular experience in looking at integrated systems, maximising natural resources to deliver optimum performance and value-for-money. We are key players in the delivery of sustainable energy to both existing and proposed developments, offering a wide range of services to our clients, providing innovative and feasible low carbon energy solutions to benefit future generations.