Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

SuDS have become an essential part of development in recent years as the impact of previously uncontrolled urbanisation has become apparent.

SuDS work by mimicking the natural drainage system and provide a method of surface water drainage which takes account of quality, quantity, amenity and ecological issues. These systems manage runoff from developments therefore reducing the flood risk and improving water quality by managing pollution. SuDS can be retrofitted into existing systems where existing sewerage systems are close to full capacity. They reduce pollution and existing flooding and can enable expansion in other parts of the catchment.

Significant changes in planning policy over the last few years has put increasing pressure on developers and regulators to incorporate SuDS into developments. Waterman’s philosophy is to incorporate SuDS into development proposals at an early stage to not only reduce the impact on the site layout but also to ensure that the schemes progress swiftly through the Planning Process.

At Waterman we are proud of our experience in the provision of innovative site specific SuDS solutions to meet the needs of clients. We have capabilities to develop a range of SuDS systems from end of pipe systems such as ponds, to source control techniques such as permeable pavements. Waterman understands the need for an integrated approach to SuDS design, not only meeting planning requirements but to provide the most cost effective and practical solution on both commercial and residential developments.