Waterman supports Glasgow City Region’s climate resilience goals 

Published 19th February 2024

As we head towards the UK’s initial 2030 carbon reduction deadline, delivery of robust local and regional adaptation plans is fundamental to ensuring a climate-resilient future for the nation.

To help support this, our Climate Resilience team recently completed an assessment of the progress made against ‘Climate Ready Clyde’, Glasgow City Region’s Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan. The Strategy aims to ensure Glasgow City Region’s economy, society and environment is not only prepared for, but continues to flourish in the face of the impacts arising from climate change, whilst also aiming to ensure the benefits of adaptation are widely and equitably shared. 

Working closely with the Climate Ready Clyde secretariat and key members, we assessed evidence of progress in delivering the commitments within the strategy and plan, identifying challenges and barriers to delivery and producing a set of recommendations and priorities for action in the next two years, all aiming to accelerate adaptation action in the region.

Ben Connor, Head of Climate Ready Placemaking at Sniffer, said: “Waterman’s independent assessment of progress is a really valuable piece of work for Climate Ready Clyde. We are really pleased with both the process and the final report, which is clear, actionable and insightful. We have had some very positive feedback from the Climate Ready Clyde governance groups and we are now working to respond to the recommendations, ensuring Climate Ready Clyde remains on track to deliver a climate-resilient Glasgow City Region. The team was great to work with and we hope to be able to work together again in the future.”

Waterman’s Associate Director for Climate Resilience, Cara Labuschagne, commented: “We were delighted to deliver this assessment for Climate Ready Clyde, widely recognised as one of the most ambitious local climate adaptation strategies and plans in the UK. There is a clear commitment through the secretariat and Climate Ready Clyde governance to deliver real change and ensure the Glasgow City Region is resilient to the range of challenges posed by our changing climate. We look forward to seeing how climate adaptation delivery progresses in the Glasgow City Region over the coming years.”

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