As members of the Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC), we are committed to the recruitment, training and development of our apprentices.

To celebrate the 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week #NAW2022 campaign, new apprentices from across Waterman give their insight in to what they enjoy most about their apprenticeship.

Our apprenticeship vacancies will be advertised from February 2023 on the Find an Apprenticeship government website.


Previous videos and blogs

  • Habiba Bernier

    1st Year Apprentice – Infrastructure & Environment

    Habiba Bernier gives us the lowdown on how she splits her time between the office and university as she works towards her Environmental Science degree.

  • I Love Apprenticeships

    As part of #NAW2021, our Apprentices share the main reasons they love their Engineering Apprenticeships.

  • Ellis Oxlade

    2nd Year Apprentice – Structures

    “As Apprentices, we have had to become accustomed to remote learning in the training side of our role while being set up for homeworking in lockdown”

  • K1 Knightsbridge site visit

    Our Apprentices undertook a comprehensive site visit at K1 Knightsbridge, a prestigious 33,000 m2 redevelopment in Covent Garden, London.

  • Nyal Patel

    1st Year Apprentice – Infrastructure & Environment

    “It’s been important to me to choose a career which not only focuses on infrastructure but also on improving a communities’ quality of life”

  • Jake Styles

    1st Year Apprentice – Structures

    “I’m not only learning to obtain a degree, I’m also gaining professional knowledge from my team members”

  • Sophie Dawson

    Civils Apprentice – Waterman Aspen

    “I loved the idea of being seconded. It is an ideal way to gain experience in various roles and businesses within engineering”

  • Jonathan Asquith

    1st Year Apprentice – Structures

    “I was always interested in engineering as a kid, looking over my dad’s A0 and A1 drawings even though I couldn’t understand what was on them”

  • Connor Norman-Walker

    2nd Year Apprentice – Infrastructure & Environment

    “Becoming a civil engineer apprentice was the best decision I’ve made so far”

  • Scott Griffiths

    4th Year Degree Apprentice – Structures

    “Apprenticeships have shown me that your limits only depend on how hard you are willing to work for something”

  • Alexandro Justin

    2nd Year Apprentice – Building Services

    “It has been an amazing experience to see a designer’s role in the everyday life of the construction industry”

  • Nishan Bansal

    1st Year Apprentice – Infrastructure & Environment

    “I knew in the long term it would be more beneficial for me to get practical experience while working for a reputable company”

  • Georgia Lilley

    1st Year Apprentice – Structures

    “This role comprises all the aspects of physics which I had enjoyed at school whilst also utilising the management and communication skills which are predominant in my personality”


Our graduates form an integral part of our teams, offering a wide range of skills to their work whilst studying towards their degree.

  • Gregor Gillanders

    Graduate – Structures

    “Every day has been a steep learning curve for me, in all aspects of the job”

  • Rand Jasim

    Graduate – Infrastructure & Environmental

    “After all the hard work and dedication you put into a project, you have something tangible to show for your efforts that everyone can physically see”

  • Emily Wingrove 

    Graduate – Structures

    “There is no reason a woman should ever hesitate to take a career in engineering because the industry is an evolving, exciting and inclusive sector for everyone to work in”

  • Anna Hozner

    Graduate – Building Services

    “I find that the projects I am working on are constantly improving my abilities in this profession”