Supporting Australia: Bushfire Appeal

As part of the appeal, each office held numerous fundraising activities such as bake sales, raffles, dress down days and even a mini ‘crazy’ golf tournament to support an organisation of their choice, with Waterman agreeing to match each £1 donated.

Since the fires started in September 2019, it is believed that more than ten million hectares of bush, forest and parks have been burned and at least 24 people have lost their lives. With one billion native animals thought to have died, millions more are now struggling to find food and shelter as a result of extensive habitat loss and there are concerns for the long-term damage that may be caused as a result of the smoke and dust storms settling over the cities.

Reports have seen levels of pollution exceeding ‘hazardous’ and, while recent rainfall has brought some relief to affected areas, severe flooding has soaked coastal homes around Queensland and New South Wales (NSW) with no immediate end in sight.

Although supplies, food and clothing are vital essentials for those who are unable to return to their homes due to their proximity to the fires, anyone wishing to help overseas are being encouraged to offer financial donations so individuals can buy exactly what they need from local businesses.

Due to our staff’s generous contributions, Waterman were able to spread their donations to; WWF Australia, The Victorian Bushfire Appeal, CFS Foundation, Community Enterprise Foundation and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.