Waterman commits to ‘Stamp it Out’ campaign

In a bid to help end roadworker abuse, we have joined other highways industry leaders in signing up to the Stamp it Out commitment.

Over 50% of roadworkers admit that they encounter abuse on a weekly basis with 70% saying that this is something which occurs at least once a month. Stamp it Out is a vital programme which brings businesses together as a single industry voice to say that enough is enough and road worker abuse will not be tolerated.

Waterman’s National Framework Director, Amrit Ghose, commented: “Through our growing highways portfolio, our team works in partnership with many contractors on infrastructure schemes around the UK. Every worker has the right to do their job free from abuse, so we wholeheartedly support the work of Stamp It Out.”

Speaking about Waterman signing the commitment, Stamp It Out Project Director, Kevin Robinson said: “In the two and a half years since we founded the Stamp it Out programme we have made considerable progress. But it is now the turn of the client and supply chain to help us to drive the programme. To see forward thinking organisations such as Waterman buying into our ethos is something which, as an industry, we should applaud.”