• 7 March 2017

“I’m constantly learning through practical work.”

I’ve never really had a clear idea what I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve always had a strong ambition to better myself. I studied Geology and Archaeology in college and have always had a very mathematical brain, so I wanted to build a career around that. After looking at different Apprenticeships, Civil Engineering stood out as a career that meant I could use the skills I had whilst continuing to learn more and improve myself.

Now I’m working with the Structures department at our London office, I am surrounded by friendly, knowledgeable Engineers. Most of our projects involve large scale structures, so the work I’m given displays a range of information for me to learn from, for example designing structural frames and going through drawing sheets.

In the 5 months I’ve been here, I’ve learnt how to create drawings in AutoCAD and Revit, creating 3D models of buildings in different phases, as well as making changes within the designs as they progress, so I’m constantly learning through practical work. I began studying for my NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) straight away, and after this I hope to continue learning at College before moving on to University.

I am attending South Thames College one day a week alongside my Apprenticeship in order to learn more about the different aspects of being a Civil Engineering Technician. I have really enjoyed learning all of the maths involved in construction, from designing beams to looking at the forces acting upon them.

This Apprenticeship with Waterman has been a great opportunity for me, as I am earning while I learn what I need to build up a career, with practical experience as well. With a career in Engineering, and the potential to continue straight into University, I know that there is a broad range of qualifications for specialised jobs I can train for over the coming years. I have a lot of options open to me and I look forward to what the future here has in store.

Daniel Edmonds

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