Meet our people

  • Alice Franks

    “There are numerous roles in this industry whether you like solving problems, are really creative, or love working within a multi-skilled team. You will fit in perfectly”

  • Jennifer Camilletti

    “It’s important to raise awareness within young women to break down the misconceptions that science and engineering is a male-only industry

  • Rand Jasim

    “After all the hard work and dedication you put into a project, you have something tangible to show for your efforts that everyone can physically see”

  • Ottavia Rispoli

    “The creativity of an engineer is never going to be replaceable, it’s everywhere – your iPhone, car, the underground, video camera, as well as the building you are sitting in”


  • Juliet Harshaw

    “International Women in Engineering Day is so important because it’s a day where we can reach out to young women around the world to show them what engineering is and how you can be involved”

  • Emily Wingrove

    “There is no reason a woman should ever hesitate to take a career in engineering because the industry is an evolving, exciting and inclusive sector for everyone to work in”

  • Michael Owen

    “I gained a greater appreciation of Japan and its culture”

  • Lauren Hutchings

    “Being a part of this team has definitely helped me grow into a better, more confident person”

  • Anna Hozner

    “I joined Waterman’s Building Services team in Manchester after completing my Master’s degree in Poland at the end of 2013”

  • Monika Modzelewska

    “I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, in 2015 and it was whilst studying for my Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering that I started working for Waterman in their Warsaw office”

  • Gregor Gillanders

    “My academic interests were always towards maths and design, I even made applications to study Engineering at University before deciding to pursue a full-time sporting career”