Our employees share their stories

  • Environmental workshops at King’s College

    Environmental Consultant Hamid Atta challenge students with practical engineering exercises in real projects.

  • Lauren Hutchings

    CAD Technician – Building Services

    “Being a part of this team has definitely helped me grow into a better, more confident person”

  • Ottavia Rispoli

    Associate – Structures

    “The creativity of an engineer is never going to be replaceable, it’s everywhere – your iPhone, car, the underground, video camera, as well as the building you are sitting in”


  • Michael Owen

    Senior Engineer – Building Services

    “I gained a greater appreciation of Japan and its culture”

  • Monika Modzelewska

    Graduate – Building Services

    “I had dreamt about becoming an engineer ever since I was a child and it has turned out even better than what I imagined”

  • Juliet Harshaw

    Senior Engineer – Infrastructure & Environmental

    “I knew I wanted a career where I would be challenged, could work on lots of different things and have fun”