DRIMS® – Digital vehicular surface condition monitoring

The ultimate smartphone-based road monitoring system for effective road condition evaluation

The UK’s road and active travel space networks are a vital framework connecting our communities, businesses and green spaces, supporting our economy and underpinning the prosperity of the nation. Our transport and highways engineering specialists are carrying out surface monitoring and conditions evaluations across Britain to ensure these networks continue to operate effectively.

To make this process safer, greener and more efficient, we’ve been supporting the development of a ground-breaking digital condition monitoring system called DRIMS (Dynamic Response Intelligent Monitoring System). Harnessing AI and FCD (Floating Car Data), this smartphone-based road-roughness measurement device gives International Roughness Index (IRI) ratings for a given stretch of road.

Compact, smartphone-compatible and easy to install into any vehicle, the core technology was developed by the University of Tokyo, with further development carried out by JIP Techno Science Corporation and Waterman’s holding company CTI Engineering. The system is widely used for road maintenance in Japan, and CTI Engineering has been leading the introduction to projects overseas, particularly in China, Uzbekistan and Africa, before bringing DRIMS to the UK in 2020.

Waterman’s civil engineering specialists were involved throughout this process, and we’re now utilising DRIMS to gather AI-rich data across the UK. We’re also using the FCD system to measure road roughness, allowing us to produce IRI (International Roughness Index) ratings and identify the location, grading and mapping of road conditions and defects.


“This AI technology delivers the accuracy and accessibility road maintainers need, whilst also offering clear environmental and cost benefits that have not been realised before.”

John Swift, DRIMS Lead, Waterman Group


DRIMS generates detailed data and reports, which can be used to establish the type and location of repairs required, whilst also assessing the road’s overall surface quality. These can then be utilised for detailed inspections, localised remedial or preventative maintenance work and for larger asset management applications.

DRIMS offers data compatibility with Asset / Pavement Management Systems, and is also suitable for periodic Asset Safety Awareness (ASA), turning raw data into actionable insights.

This cost-effective solution requires minimum resources, allowing wide-ranging, flexible condition monitoring from your existing fleet with a simple-to-operate smartphone application.

DRIMS delivers flexible road condition monitoring together with easily accessible, on-demand data, supporting risk-based approaches to targeted maintenance.

To find out how you can unlock the potential of your road asset management plans, please contact our DRIMS lead john.swift@watermangroup.com

“DRIMS is the ultimate solution for efficient, effective, and sustainable road infrastructure management. We’ve already seen the clear benefits the system provides in Japan and East Asia, and we’re excited to see these take effect in the UK.”

Takashi NAKAJIMA, Director, Business Planning Division CTI Engineering International.Co.Ltd,,