• 11 May 2017

Full steam ahead for this year’s ecology season

The arrival of Spring marks the start of this year’s main ecology survey season and our ecology specialists are already conducting their Preliminary Ecological Appraisals and Phase 1 surveys.

The results collected from these surveys will then allow time for our teams to identify and scope any further protected species investigations that may be needed during the Spring/Summer months, including:

Great Crested Newt surveys – mid-April to mid-May;

Bat surveys – April/May to August/September;

Reptile surveys – April/May or September;

Water Vole surveys – April to June and again in late Summer/Autumn;

Various breeding bird surveys – April to July.

Our specialist advice is tailored to the needs of our clients and we are happy to undertake initial project surveys to provide the necessary feasibility studies ahead of any formal planning applications.

We are based across the UK, including Scotland, and always work closely with project teams to deliver the most cost-effective and time efficient solutions.

For more information on how our team can help with ecology services, please contact Niall Machin or Lee Mantle.

Niall Machin – 03300602687
Lee Mantle – 03300604327

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