Barnsley Market Gate Bridge

Published 23rd August 2022

The new Market Gate Pedestrian Footbridge will become an icon at the heart of Barnsley Town Centre. Spanning 60m above active highways and railway lines, the bridge will link the transport interchange with Glass Works Square.

The stunning design features a cable-stayed bridge construction with complex structural geometry, incorporating a steel box girder plate deck. A 40m steel pylon will tower above nearby buildings and will provide an entrance for railway passengers exiting the adjacent station. The scheme will offer safe pedestrian access and become a placemaking point of interest for the town.

The bridge is designed to accommodate peak pedestrian flows with capacity to cope with the foot traffic from the neighbouring Barnsley Football Stadium, and extensive work was undertaken to determine a sustainable and cost-effective solution which maximises the bridge’s width.

Waterman is the lead structural and civil designer working on the detailed design in collaboration with Barnsley MBC, IBI Group Architects, Network Rail and other stakeholders to achieve this landmark structure.

Our experts are providing a range of specialist services for the scheme, including delivering preliminary and detailed structural and geotechnical designs, undertaking the CEM and CRE roles for Network Rail approval, ensuring Network Rail compliance relating to structural and electrical clearances and signal sighting, highway design, desire line analysis. We also engaged and collaborated with an aerodynamics specialist to undertake wind tunnel testing of the structure.

The project is due to complete in summer 2023.

Client: Barnsley MBC
Architect: IBI Group