Delia Derbyshire Arts & Humanities’ building at Coventry University

Published 6th December 2022

This new £40m facility enables Coventry University to continue playing a transformational role in the UK arts and humanities fields. The scheme created a modern, highly flexible teaching space with immersive media facilities, all set within a high-performance learning facility.

The redevelopment amalgamates a number of existing buildings within the university’s campus through a new build centralised hub, combining extensive refurbishment and regeneration, alongside a new modern four-storey building.

Students benefit from a hyper studio designed for cross-disciplinary projects, along with immersive studios featuring cutting-edge technologies, enhancing the faculty’s creative, teaching and learning spaces in a unique environment. The new complex will also be open to the public with a gallery space, café and events atrium where students, staff and visiting artists can showcase their work. The building is located opposite Starley Gardens, an urban park and green space created for the student population and wider community to enjoy.
Our structures team provided designs for the new build and refurbishment of the existing adjoining buildings; developing a flexible, dynamic approach to solving challenges and mitigating issues throughout the design process. With the existing buildings remaining operational until the end of the term, our team focussed on the new build aspects to ensure the campus was able to remain largely operational during the initial project phases.

The project received a commendation in the ‘Education’ category at the Institution of Structural Engineers Annual Awards in the Midlands Regional Group.

Client: Coventry University
Architect: Lewis & Hickey