Dublin Civic Offices & City Wall Restoration

Published 30th August 2022

Waterman Moylan acted as civil and structural engineers for the restoration of the Civic Offices basement in Dublin. The basement was originally constructed around an ancient section of the old City Medieval Wall, which remains intact within the basement.

The works included a featured cantilevered steelwork first-floor structure to act as a viewing platform, permitting the public to view the Medieval Wall, as well as complete refurbishment and fit out to what was a damp, underutilised space.

Cantilevered retaining walls were constructed to form an external courtyard area at basement level with stairs access to ground floor podium slab level.

Given the level of the water table on site along with the major opening in the basement slab accommodating the Medieval Wall, achieving the desired watertight basement was not possible. Specialised cavity and floor drain systems, tanking membranes and sump pumps employed achieved the desired level of water and damp protection to the space.