Federation Square

Published 31st August 2022

Waterman was engaged as the services engineers for the complete Federation Square complex that included theatres, restaurants, galleries and commercial office space. The complex incorporates many innovative and specialised engineering systems to cater for the multi-functional use.

Particularly innovative aspects of the services design include:

• An under-croft services reticulation strategy around the site to interconnect all buildings and avoid the need for a separate services level,
• A number of unique environmental initiatives,
• A unique Thermal Storage solution for conditioning the art gallery spaces,
• Full fire engineering to provide for open, interconnected public spaces,
• Comprehensive multimedia integration,
• Specialised lighting and security systems.

Provision of ESD advice, including:

• Design,
• Reporting,
• Modelling (CFD),
• Post construction testing,
• Passive performance analysis of galleries.

ESD Innovations:

• Thermal labyrinth cooling system,
• Displacement ventilation,
• Heat recovery,
• Variable speed pumping,
• High efficiency façade,
• Rainwater recycling,
• Atrium natural ventilation.