Fox Den Road

Forming a new shopping destination on the outskirts of Bristol, proposals for this mixed-use development incorporate a five-storey Premier Inn hotel, 1,800 sqm of supermarket retail space and a restaurant/coffee shop with associated car parking and landscaping.

Our structural engineers provided a flat slab design for the Premier Inn to minimise downstands and provide maximum flexibility for service run positions, whilst responding to the requirement to minimise overall building height. The Premier Inn also required an offset room layout at the ground floor resulting in a transfer slab at first floor level. The piled foundations to the hotel building have been adopted to avoid disruption to the surrounding main trunk road.

Our infrastructure and environmental teams completed a detailed ground investigation for contamination, hydrogeological assessments and geotechnical design parameters. Meanwhile, our civil engineers also provided cut and fill design services to minimise disposal of material off site and maximise reuse of site excavated material.