Merseytravel Green Routes

Published 24th August 2022

The Green Routes Programme is part of a range of interventions that will transform the bus offer across the Liverpool City Region and greatly improve the appeal of busses over private transport.

Merseytravel commissioned Waterman to devise and appraise options for improving and prioritising bus travel along five core bus corridors into Liverpool City Centre and undertake the design of three bus interchanges.

The aim of the commission was to develop information to support a robust and compelling DfT-compliant Outline Business from The Liverpool City Region’s (LCR’s) devolved Transforming Cities Fund or Strategic Investment Fund.

The key routes considered include the A57 corridor connecting Liverpool City Centre with St Helens, the A562 corridors connecting Liverpool City Centre with Speke and John Lennon airport, the B5178 corridor connecting Liverpool City Centre with Halewood, the A59 corridor between Liverpool City Centre and Kirkby, Towerhill, and the A567 corridor between Liverpool City Centre, Bootle and Crosby.

The project has provided a blueprint of measures to be adopted along all bus routes in the Liverpool City Region. This outlines best practice and innovation in bus interchanges and bus stop and shelter design, setting a new standard for effective management and enforcement of parking and loading opportunities, examines how revenue could be generated and assesses the risks and threats which climate change poses to the LCR bus network with outline mitigation actions.

Through the scheme, a shortlist of route improvement plans has been developed. With over 600 site specific interventions, the proposals include a raft of bus improvements such as bus gateways, specific junction reviews to provide bus priority at signal junctions, lane widenings, whole route bus stop and shelter improvements. In addition, park and ride opportunities and both pedestrian and cycle improvements have also been identified.

Client: Merseytravel