National Highways: A14 Scheme

Published 15th November 2022

Under the National Highways East of England Framework, our team was commissioned to provide consultancy services for the A14 J37-J40 Newmarket vehicle restraint system renewal scheme. Approximately 14km in length, the scheme’s objective is to maintain the carriageway in a safe and operational condition.

The scheme incorporated multiple interventions and additions to the central reservation and verges, including drainage, terminal and VRS upgrades.

Our team delivered a wide range of specialist support for the scheme, including the detailed VRS design and RRRAP assessment, drainage modelling and design, and detailed pavement design. We also undertook the Principal Designer role, delivered the Environment Screening Assessment, prepared the scheme’s bill of quantities and provided specialist construction support.

We carried out a design check on the combined surface and sub surface drains and assessed the highway bridge support along the route. We highlighted potential risks, recommending a drainage review and instructing the investigation of existing drainage. This highlighted that the existing system required substantial upgrades and interventions with several missing or collapsed connections.

After discussing the issues with National Highways, it was agreed to extend the scope of work and include a complete drainage review and redesign. Following an extensive ECI process, our technical team delivered the drainage modelling and detailed design package in coordination with the VRS design. This allowed the contractor to programme the construction under a single road space booking and traffic management phase

Client: National Highways