Rosyth Former Oil Fuel Depot FRA

Published 15th November 2022

Our team was appointed by Scarborough Muir Group Ltd. to produce a flood risk assessment in support of proposals to infill the former Oil Fuel Depot (OFD) at Castle Key, Rosyth.

Located on land reclaimed from the Firth of Forth during operation, the OFD site lays below ground level with groundwater and treated surface water currently pumped offsite to prevent the site from flooding; an act which now contravenes legislation due to the consequential effects elsewhere.

The original planning approval of 2003 included the infilling of the central and eastern areas of the site, raising them above sea level. The permission did not include the former bunker area, which now lies at a lower level than the surrounding site following demolition works, exposing this area to risk of flooding from groundwater and surface water. Our flood risk assessment supported proposals which would raise the level of the bunker site to match the surrounding ground level, mitigating the flood risk.

As Scarborough Muir’s engineering consultant since 2005, we have provided a range of services in support of the site’s continuing regeneration and development enabling works.