Unlocking material reuse potential

Developed by our sustainability expert Anastasia Stella, with technical contributions from CIRCuIT project partners BRE, alongside software developer Circuland, our Framework provides a robust methodology for documenting construction products and building elements, including data interconnections between products, buildings, and cities. Materials Passports will play a pivotal role in enabling material reuse, and demonstrating compliance for Net Zero, circularity and health and safety.

By introducing this Framework, we envision a future where the Materials Passports Protocol becomes an industry standard, driving collaboration within projects of every type across Europe. Streamlining data collection practices across products, buildings, and cities, this standardised approach will facilitate informed decision-making and play a pivotal role in life cycle resource management.

We recognise that this fundamental shift will need to be driven by collaboration to ensure all stakeholders maximise the benefits, so please contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved.

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