New Associate Director to shape Waterman’s DRIMS delivery

Published 5th May 2023

Experienced highways specialist John Swift has joined Waterman’s Glasgow team as Associate Director to take a leading role in developing Waterman’s nation-wide DRIMS (Dynamic Response Intelligent Monitoring) offering.

Prior to joining Waterman, John was Head of Business Development for Gaist Solutions, where he worked with local authorities to develop strategic planning and development improvements.

With over two decades in the highways sector, his extensive portfolio is punctuated by success and innovation across the UK and Europe, including the UK’s first LED Road Safety and Wireless Vehicle Detection trial.

Waterman’s COO Neil Humphrey commented: “We are excited to have John onboard. He will play a key role in supporting our growth plans in the Highways sector and his extensive experience in intelligent infrastructure will ensure our clients and stakeholders get the best value from their assets whilst boosting highways safety across the UK.”

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About DRIMS® – Digital vehicular surface condition monitoring
DRIMS is a smartphone-based road monitoring system for effective road condition evaluation.

DRIMS generates detailed data and reports, which can be used to establish the type and location of repairs required, whilst also assessing the road’s overall surface quality. These can then be utilised for detailed inspections, localised remedial or preventative maintenance work and for larger asset management applications whilst providing International Roughness Index (IRI) ratings for a given stretch of road.

Easy to install into any vehicle, the core technology was developed by the University of Tokyo, with further development carried out by JIP Techno Science Corporation and Waterman Group’s holding company CTI Engineering. The system is widely used for road maintenance in Japan, and CTI Engineering has been leading the introduction to projects overseas.

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