Road conditioning monitoring: Waterman to host webinar in partnership with The Institute of Highway Engineers

Published 30th November 2023

With Britain’s busy road networks experiencing a huge volume of traffic each year, monitoring the condition of road surfaces plays a vital role in keeping road users safe and ensuring journeys are efficient. Discussing the role technology plays in keeping roads in good condition, our highways expert, John Swift, will be joined by Daryl Fossett, our Board Director for infrastructure and environment, along with Takashi Nakaijima, CTI’s Director in their Business Planning Division for a special webinar on 5 December at 12pm where they’ll introduce our new road monitoring software.

With a new data standard for local road condition monitoring in development, the panel will also give their insight into our contribution to the network study where we applied our Dynamic Response Intelligent Monitoring system (DRIMS). The smartphone-based road evaluation system measures potholes, cracking and rut depth at traffic speeds, using both AI and FCD (Floating Car Data) to give International Roughness Index (IRI) ratings for a given stretch of road. Takashi will also provide details of the use of RCM technology in Japan, East Asia and Africa carried by CTI.

The webinar is being hosted in partnership with The Institute of Highway Engineers and is open to members and non members. You can sign up for the webinar here.

To find out more about DRIMS, click here.