At Waterman, we have an impressive track record for marine projects, both within the UK and overseas. This means we have experience in contracting with UK Port Authorities, as well as international equivalents. Whatever type of coastal construction you need, we aim to deliver high quality end products, tailored to your requirements.

Past projects
Our list of completed projects includes a variety of marine structures. These range from piers to sea walls, as well as dock pumping stations and outfalls. As consultants, we also offer specialist advice on maintenance dredging to ensure that shoals and sediments are removed correctly and frequently enough.

Our port experience includes an impressive portfolio of both new construction and regeneration projects. We have delivered a range of projects, including new deep water berths, marinas, quay walls, ro-ro facilities, bulk handling facilities, and oil terminals. We are particularly proud of our involvement in dockland development, in which we have worked on the regeneration of several dock areas. We have also worked on contracts relating to coastal protection, sea defences, and Shoreline Management plans.

Environmental considerations
Environmental issues are often a critical component of marine projects, where we are often working in and around natural beauty which must be conserved. In some cases our services have been specifically requested for projects with the aim of environmental preservation; sea walls and cliff stabilisation are prime examples of such work. Many of our projects in the marine sector have been undertaken in areas of high environmental value, where engineering solutions have to be carefully considered in order to minimise their impact on their surroundings.

Related Projects

  • Bristol Port

    Waterman was appointed to advise on all the capital dredging works associated with the construction of a completely new deepwater berth capable of accepting 128,000 DWT ships up to 270m long.

  • Aviation Fuel Terminal

    Waterman was commissioned as lead consultant for the design of a new Berth to accommodate Cape Size Oil Tankers and bulk carriers up to 128,000 DWT.

  • Burry Port Masterplan

    Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Government are working as Joint Venture partners to promote the long term regeneration of the whole of the Bury Port and Llanelli Coastline.

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