Transport Modelling

Waterman cover the whole modelling process with our in-house capability encompassing a wide-range of transport modelling expertise, including: local junction traffic modelling; wider route network modelling, microsimulation of pedestrian and vehicle movements; and sub-regional models for single or multiple modes of travel.

We help our clients decide on which type of model best suits their requirements based on careful consideration of: the required level of certainty of outputs; timescale for delivery; budget; availability and compatibility of baseline data and the critical concerns that will most heavily influence decisions on which the model is being built to inform. We scope, specify and commission appropriate data collection surveys, such as traffic flow, origin/destination, user interview and stated preference surveys, and amalgamate the results with other data sources where applicable. We complete the model building, calibration and validation process following relevant good practice guidance and applying robust quality assurance techniques to ensure accurate and meaningful outputs. We also help clients and stakeholders to correctly interpret model outputs by providing reports that contain summaries written for non-technical audiences.

The range of modelling services we provide include: LinSig, Junction 9 (ARCADY & PICADY), TRANSYT, VISSIM, VISSUM, PARAMICS, SATURN and EMME/2.